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Testimonials: Some Kind Words I've Received

"Kazuko - you are just the best! You are so personal and we appreciated that you tried to get to know us beforehand. You definitely captured the feeling of our wedding day. We are happy about the good blend of formal and candid shots (I love the B&W photojournalistic style, definitely!) Everything was done in a professional and orderly way, and you are so friendly! " [Michelle J. - Bride]

"I can't imagine having had anybody else photograph our wedding. We got lots of compliments on you from our guests after seeing how you worked at our wedding. Some of our relatives have been to many weddings, but they have never experienced such professionalism in a photographer. You worked so well with everyone. The most important part was that we actually did have lots of fun having our pictures taken." [Will and Kristy - Bride and Groom]

"I'm so happy with everything. I personally don't think either one of us are photogenic, but every single one of the photos turned out great. Everyone raved about you. They all loved the photos - every detail. The little book you made for album design was so cool. I think you are so easy to work with. You were open to our ideas and flexible. We've been to so many weddings where photographers were not on the ball. You were everywhere and you were a superwoman. I don't like being photographed. This photo thing I really dreaded throughout the whole wedding planning process, but you made it fun. " [Angie and Ryan - Bride and Groom]

"The biggest thing about you was that, this was what me and my family and friends had repeatedly mentioned, you made everybody feel so comfortable throughout the wedding day. You made the whole process very easy for us. From the very beginning - you showed us different examples of photos to choose from and the wedding engagement sessions were great. They gave us an opportunity to see what style of photography we wanted. We thought you were very professional. You memorize everybody's name which made the portrait session go very smoothly. Since you managed the whole process so well we never had to worry about what is going to happen next. We were able to sit back and enjoy our wedding day because of that. We were very happy with how the album turned out. You certainly exceeded our expectations. That's why I am having my sister's wedding photographed by you. I wouldn't have my sister come to you unless we were absolutely happy with you. If anybody needs to talk to us you can give our phone number to your future clients. " [Jenn and Arron - Bride and Groom]

"I will go out of my way to recommend you. I knew you would do a great job because the senior portraits you took in high school were great. But those wedding photos are really amazing. Thank you also for all your help. You made everything go smoothly." this is in Times New Roman 10pt, [Justin and Theresa - Bride and Groom]

"I found Kazuko on the Internet and made an appointment to see her work. We hit it off right away, but she told me to shop around and make sure we find the right photographer. That was first thing I liked about her - she wasn't pushy but was trying to be helpful. The wedding album was beautiful. I enjoyed the portrait session - it was fun! Shots were not just posed ones - she made us dance, look at each other. I loved candid shots - she captured great moments. Everybody liked her at the wedding. They thought she was great. " [Heidi & Mike - Bride and Groom]

"Kazuko - Those photographs bring tears to my eye - I have never seen such beautiful wedding photographs like these. I am so glad Sonya stuck to her guns to hire you - I was originally trying to talk her out of it because I collected price lists of other studios and they were cheaper. Boy, these are priceless!" [Kathy F. - Mother of Groom]

"Dear Kazuko, Thank you SO much for everything you did for our wedding. You are such a wonderful person that it was a pleasure to have you there, and of course, you did a GREAT job with our photography! We really appreciate all you did for us! " [Suzi - Bride]

"I've just looked at my son's pictures - I've never seen so many great photos of him - thank you for taking time to create those beautiful photos." [Margaret J. - Mother of a Singer]

"We can never tell you enough times how wonderful your work is and how much we enjoy their wedding photos." [Norma S. - Mother of Groom]

"Thank you so much! You did an amazing job. The wedding portrait session was the best part of our wedding day. We had so much fun. It was one of the best times that we had together. From the day we got engaged, that was our plan - pictures were most important for us so we wanted to spend our wedding day having fun taking pictures. When people come to our house and look at our photos, they all say, "WOW, who took these. They are incredible!" I need your business cards." [BJ R. - Groom]

"We were so glad you did the photos at our wedding. Our pictures are so beautiful, and everyone who looks at them says the same thing! " [Kristin and David - Bride and Groom]

"Kazuko, We love your photographs yet again - so special to have a matched set! Thank you for taking such care in the making and working hard to have these be a true reflection of Kyle. Many thanks!" [Carol - Mother of High School Senior]

"Kazuko san: Here's what we talked about - we mean every word of it and more -

The importance of a good photographer cannot be overlooked when capturing the memories if it is an important event in your life. We took the process of finding a photographer for our upcoming wedding reception very seriously. We started to hear great things from a couple of sources about (K's Photography) Kazuko Wohlers. She has won some photography awards and is highly recommended. We soon found out why. Kazuko put together the best pictures of us we had ever seen! She shot our engagement pictures on location at Pt. Defiance, and Owen beach. The beach pictures were unbelievable! The beach was crowded with kids, Frisbee throwers and barbequers, but looking at the photos you would think they were taken at a remote island paradise! Her pictures were so good that people often ask if the beach pictures we took in Tacoma, Washington were taken in Hawaii! Kazuko did a masterful job of organizing both of our large families for our group photo shoots at our wedding reception at the Landmark convention Center. We had a big Okinawan wedding complete with performances from a Okinawan dance troupe. Her pictorials captured the essence of our event. She took shots of the guests, food, atmosphere, dance performances, and key moments throughout the night.

Kazuko really took the time to get to know us to get a feel for the kind of images we wanted. She is a great artist, her use of color is brilliant, her eye for detail is amazing, and most importantly, she made us look the best we ever had! Our experience with Kazuko has surpassed our already high standards. We have decided to designate Kazuko as our family photographer to capture all of our important events in the future." [Niki and Henry - Bride and Groom]

"Kazuko did an awesome job with our wedding, and she took a ton of really great pictures. Kazuko took the time to learn what kinds of pictures Elizabeth and I like. She spent a lot of time designing the first draft of our wedding album and then spent even more time revising it with us. Further, many of my family members have commented that the pictures in our album are some of the best, most natural pictures of me they've seen ... ever. I definitely give Kazuko the "thumbs" up, so if you're in need of a photographer in the Seattle/Tacoma area, you should definitely give her a call." [Erik - Groom]

"To Potential Clients of Kazuko Wohlers Photography,

I requested to write a letter of reference for Kazuko Wohlers because our experience with her and her photography were phenomenal and this gives me the opportunity to encourage and support an exceptional business.

My husband and I came to Kazuko as a referral from a friend who had really enjoyed her wedding photos. The first time we met with Kazuko we felt very much at ease and were impressed by the professionalism and creativity of her photography. At the time we were looking for a photographer for our wedding and wanted to explore all our options. So, we met with multiple other photographers and they did not come close to the combination of quality and cost that we found with Kazuko. Needless to say, she was our #1 choice! During both the wedding preparation and the wedding, Kazuko presented herself in a professional, friendly, confident manner. We felt very comfortable during our photo shoots and we were relaxed and natural in our pictures. One thing that was extremely important to us was how she conducted herself during the pre-wedding photos, ceremony and reception. Kazuko not only impressed us, but many people in our wedding party mentioned how great she was. Kazuko created an environment that was relaxed yet efficient. It is easy for things to get tense right before the ceremony, but Kazuko conducted the photo shoot with so much grace that everyone felt at ease. Her non-obtrusive style allowed the congregation to really enjoy the wedding ceremony itself and not be distracted by the photographer. She also did an amazing job with a very hyper 3 year old, distracting him with toys and whistles was fun for him and we were able to get our group photo!

Along with Kazuko’s elegance and grace in the way she conducts herself, we were also very impressed with our photos and the timeliness and thought that went into the making of our album. Her pictures were clear, crisp, and captured the emotions of the day. We were so pleased with all of them that it was tough to decide which to choose from! Overall, it was nothing but a pleasant experience working with Kazuko Wohlers. I would whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone and hope that I can continue to support her quality work in any way possible." [Suzi E. - Bride]

"Kazuko: We are very grateful for your contribution of photos to FUSION. The photos on your Facebook page of Mako and our event are amazing. They truly capture the beauty of the decorations and all the work that our volunteers expended to make this event successful. Your time and talent creating and donating an artistic record of our fundraiser are appreciated more than we can say. Thank you again, and next year.... Kindly," [Teryl and Christina]

"Dear Kazuko, I want to thank you for consenting to take photos of our preschool children. You are a gifted photographer and a delightful child of God. Your smile and attitude are wonderfully contagious. I sing your praises wherever I go. I also want to thank you for the complimentary pictures you provided me of each of the two preschool classes. I love the Preschool Ministry and you have given me a wonderful keepsake of my journey with these children. May God bless you in your holy work, keeping joy in your life and a smile always on your face. Shalom! " [Pastor Dave S.]

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